Shoreline Project

Nov. 3, 2018 | Laguna beach, CA

Working as lead choreographer, Lara Wilson consulted with Elizabeth Turk, a MacArthur Genius, to fulfill the Shoreline Project’s vision of installing 1,000 LED-lit umbrellas on Laguna’s Main Beach. The project was commissioned by Laguna Art Museum for their 2018 Art + Nature Festival.

The image of all the dancers striking an archer’s pose sticks in my head. They swept up the sand and animated the umbrellas in multitudinous ways, giving volunteers ideas for the improvisation to come.

—Lisa Black, OC Weekly

Lara choreographed an opening piece of choreography for The Assembly and collected both improvisational and choreographed contributions from six other local choreographers to create timed moments of observed and participatory movement throughout the evening.

By the end of the event, 1,000 umbrellas moved as one, following a mass migration choreographed by Jay Carlon.