Muckenthaler Cultural Center Residency

2019 | Fullerton, CA

We will be in residence at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center for the calendar year of 2019. Our year-long collaborative process will rely on female bodies (ours) to explore and physicalize the concept of boundary-setting. In a world where women’s bodies and lives have long been considered permeable and literally up for “grabs”, we are interested in using dance to find the edges of our ranges of motion and staminas. Boundaries are an often-talked-about issue for women in their teens, 20s, and 30s (and perhaps beyond)—but what do they mean for us? What stories do we have about them? What have we learned about them? Do we know/can we find out how best to create them? What are they made out of, and can they move? These are a few of the questions we’ll address in rehearsals.

Check back here for images and videos from our residency.

2019 Calendar

March 29 + 30
Highways Performance Space, Best Of New Shoes

May 11
Huntington Beach Historic Auditorium, The Choreography Festival

Sept. 12
Muckenthaler Cultural Center, The Assembly 10