‘How To Draw an Outline’ + Boundaries Practice


In residence at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center throughout 2019, our current collaborative process relies on female bodies (ours) to explore and physicalize the concept of boundary-setting. In a world where women’s bodies and lives have long been considered permeable and literally up for “grabs”, we are using dance to find the edges of our ranges of motion and staminas — to draw outlines around ourselves and our lives.

The culmination of this process will premiere on Sept. 12, 2019, at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton, CA. Reserve tickets here.

Boundaries Practice | Dancer Workshop

In our current process for the work, “How To Draw an Outline,” we are exploring setting healthy boundaries as women and as dancers. We initially organized our process by describing boundaries in time, space, between each other, and within ourselves — dividing lines where one quality shifts and becomes something else, or where one idea stops so a new one can begin. Through guided improvisation and movement exercises, this workshop will consider a wide range of themes tied to boundaries and current events, including consent, attention, changing circumstances, and relationships. As dancers, we tend to overcommit, to say “yes” instead of no, to bring ourselves to physical (and other) extremes, and to be more flexible in our boundaries with people. Consciously addressing these tendencies in our bodies within a movement practice lets us perceive the way we hold our own space and begin to make decisions that are more self-empowering.

JUNE 14: Atlanta
Boundaries Practice
The Movement Lab ATL
Friday, 12-2pm | $30
Space is limited. Created for women and people open to discussing/addressing femininity within their bodies. To reserve, please email Lara at info@theassemblydance.co.

2019 Calendar

March 29 + 30
Highways Performance Space, Best Of New Shoes

Diavolo Dance Theatre, LA Dance Festival Fringe

May 11
Huntington Beach Historic Auditorium, The Choreography Festival

Southwest Arts Center (Atlanta), Zoetic Dance’s MIXTAPE 2019: { a wild feminist playlist }

Sept. 12
Muckenthaler Cultural Center