The Sea Is A Line, Long And Blue

(la mer est une ligne, longue et bleue)

Lecture + Demonstration | April 9, 2017  1-3pm
Palm Court Arts Complex, Orange County Great Park
Free admission | Parking and farmer’s market on-site

“la mer est une ligne longue et bleue” are words the choreographer first found scrawled in Sharpie on a framed table napkin with a long flat line below them. That was in an oyster restaurant in Brooklyn, celebrating a citizenship wedding. Since then, as she has relocated to and traveled along the long blue line of the Pacific, the words have stuck. She has become attached to and obsessed with their rhythm (in both English and French), the way they simplify something so complex and utterly unknowable, and the linguistic affirming of the sea as a feminine entity. The words, and the circumstances under which she initially found them, also demand a deep delving into movement patterns such as passage, crossing, departure, and arrival.

Choreography: Lara Wilson
Dance artists: Haihua Chiang, Mallory Fabian, Katie Istvan, Belle Jessen, Kalynn Marin, Lara Wilson

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